Our People

Teresa Lloyd
Chief Executive Officer

Teresa joined MIAL in 2003 on a variety of issues including shipping policy, employment and training, environment, health and safety, and vessel operations.
She holds a degree in Naval Architecture from the Australian Maritime College and a master’s degree in Business Administration.  Teresa is a member of a diverse range of industry advisory and management committees.

Internationally Teresa was the Australian shipowner (employer) representative at the United Nations International Labour Organisation during the MLC adoption; regularly attended the UN International Maritime Organisation meetings as an industry adviser to the Australian delegation; and chaired the International Chamber of Shipping, Environment Sub-Committee from 2006 - 2013.  Teresa is the Secretary General, Australia, of the Asian Shipowners Forum.
Prior to joining MIAL Teresa worked as the Manager Technical Services for the Port Hedland Port Authority; managed a project on the management of ships’ ballast water for the Victorian Environment Protection Authority; and worked as a consultant developing underkeel clearance management systems.

Isabelle Guaran
Industry Employee Relations Manager

Isabelle joined MIAL in July of 2016 in the role of Industry Employee Relations Manager.

She holds a BA Laws and a BA in Creative Writing. In her role at MIAL she provides advice to members on employee and workforce issues, and works with government and industry stakeholders on employee relations issues impacting the maritime industry.

In her previous role Isabelle worked in the transport public sector in NSW and has industrial relations experience in the state and federal systems. She has been the IR lead on large scale strategic reforms in the NSW rail industry and has been responsible for policy development, strategic planning, dispute resolution and negotiation.

Angela Gillham
Environment Manager

Angela joined MIAL in 2003 and has a Bachelor of Applied Science.  Angela is the associations specialist in shipping policy matters, with a particular focus on operational, health and safety and environmental performance. She has managed a range of shipping related research and development projects and represents the interests of the Australia industry at a range of international forums, including the International Chamber of Shipping and the International Maritime Organization.

Alison Saunders
Communications Manager

Alison has worked in marketing and communication at a national and international level for many years!  Although relatively new to the maritime sector, her collective appreciation of the ocean, those majestic ships and the humanity of the seafarer, are enabling her to design communication programs and events that not only raise the profile of industry, but also resonate with the MIAL Members!  Alison has a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion (not all that useful in this industry!) and a Graduate Diploma in Business (Marketing).

Tim Albers
Maritime Industry Operations Manager

Tim joined MIAL in the capacity of Maritime Industry Operations Manager. Tim has previously been employed in tropical North Queensland as Shipping Manager, Designated Person Ashore, Quality Assurance Representative and Company Security Officer. Having managed a fleet of six vessels he has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in Shipping Operations, International Safety Management (ISM), Quality Assurance (ISO 9001) and Ship Security (ISPS Code).

Up until February 2005 Tim resided in Holland, working in the Private Banking/Small and Medium Enterprise Sector.